STUBBE IT bv is a company with years of experience in network and server installations.

Founded in 1998 by the owner Ronald Stubbe, the company has slowly grown, en had a growing experience in the use of network equipment and installing UNIX servers.  We support large organizations in this field.

In 2001 we started as importer and sales of SENA products.  Since than we have sold this serial to network equipment and Bluetooth equipment throughout Europe to many of our customers.

In 2006 we developed a printer interface board for one of our clients, whereby a serial printer was converted to a network printer, by exchanging the serial board with the network board we developed with the NEMO10 module of SENA Technologies. This made these printers more flexible.  We have produced more than 1000 of these interfaces since than.

We also develop back-end software for websites, of several large organizations.  We also provide where requested windows software that can connect and update the back-end databases for the website application.  We use programming languages and database engines like PHP, Perl, JAVA, PL/SQL, AJAX, SOAP, JSON, MySQL, Oracle, C++ and Delphi to make it user-friendly for both the users of the frond-end application as the administrators at the back-end of the system.

Contact us if you want to know what we can do for you.